Rule, Britannia!

The Diamond Jubilee celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II were officially inaugurated in the UK last month.   It’s the centennial of Charles Dickens birth.  Plus, the 2012 Orange Prize Longlist will be announced on Thursday. I’m feeling a bout of Anglophilia coming on! And it just so happens that three books – all with connections back to the Isle of Albion – are coming out this … Continue reading Rule, Britannia!

The Review: Looking Forward to Translations in 2012

As the gears of the Mayan calendar slowly grind to a stop, I find it’s best to keep our minds off the impending apocalypse.  And what better distraction than a list of books from around the world – all due to be published before November, of course.  (You know, just in case you’re stockpiling early and have some room leftover in your end-of-the-world backpack). February … Continue reading The Review: Looking Forward to Translations in 2012 Gets Hard Boiled is back with a new collection of audio books.  Crimes, murders, heists…  10 new recordings in all. I’ll be downloading The Tattoo Murder Case by Japanese author Akimitsu Takagi.  Set in Tokyo in the aftermath of WWII, a girl is found brutally murdered – her full-body tattoo taken,  only her head and limbs are left at the scene.  A detective and his brother, a … Continue reading Gets Hard Boiled