3 Novellas for Summer

Loud footsteps in a vast and otherwise silent corridor; the cloying perfume of lilacs; an ice-cold drink at the end of a hot, dry day.  In Winter we bundle-up, huddle inside and create a barrier between ourselves and the elements. Summer, though, is a different story. We open ourselves up to the full sensuality of the natural world – we wear less clothing, bask in the sun … Continue reading 3 Novellas for Summer


If you follow me on Twitter then you may know that I’ve started a little experiment.  Over the Summer, weather permitting, I’m taking my reading to my front steps.  I live in a pretty, old residential neighborhood.  Sidewalks, tree-lined streets, well kept front yards – in the Summer it’s not quite Norman Rockwell, but it’s pretty darn close.  With one exception.  Washington Street is a … Continue reading #stoopbks

Summer Slacking

It’s been a sloooooooowww week.  On the up-side, I’ve gotten a ton of reading done.  (Literally a ton. Honest. Would I lie to you?)  This week is obviously going to be a wipe, but it’s Summer so most of you should be outside doing fun stuff anyway. So what to expect next week (and the weeks that follow?)… Look for my reviews of – Filipino … Continue reading Summer Slacking