Summer Slacking

It’s been a sloooooooowww week.  On the up-side, I’ve gotten a ton of reading done.  (Literally a ton. Honest. Would I lie to you?)  This week is obviously going to be a wipe, but it’s Summer so most of you should be outside doing fun stuff anyway.

So what to expect next week (and the weeks that follow?)…

Look for my reviews of –

  • Filipino author Miguel Syjuco’s novel Ilustrado (a NY Times Book Review Notable Book & winner of the 2008 Man Asian Literary Prize).
  • Guadalajara, a stunning collection of short stories by Quim Monzó (translated from the Catalan by Peter Bush)
  • Vintage Crime Stories on Audio (It was a dark & rainy night…)
  • Seven Days in Rio by Francis Levy & Two Dollar Radio (who the Village Voice called “Nicholson Baker & Mary Gaitskill’s French-kissing cousin.”)

I’ll also be posting an interview with Lisa Hill from ANZLitLovers LitBlog.  She recommends (and schools me) on the best Australian authors.

Early next week I’ll have an update post on format & content changes – some you may have already noticed – to BookSexy Review.

And of course, Monday is the first meeting of (and my first report on) The Philly Book Club… where we’ll be competitively reading A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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