Let’s Discuss “Content”

This year, at the start of BEA, an interesting experiment will be happening.  Bloggers will be getting together at the first Book Blog UNCON.  This meeting will take place on Monday, June 4th, at The Center of Fiction in Midtown. What does this mean for my readers?  Well, for most of you, probably not much.  But I have high hopes for UNCON.  Rather than the … Continue reading Let’s Discuss “Content”

FEED by Mira Grant

Milk & Cookies. Chocolate & Peanut Butter. Zombies & Bloggers. The best things in life come in pairs. Mira Grant’s Newsflash Trilogy takes her readers into a world where the people no longer trust the conventional news media, we’ve cured cancer and the common cold… and side effects include lots of moaning and attempting to eat your neighbors after you die. Georgia (George) & Shaun … Continue reading FEED by Mira Grant

Why Isn’t There a Literary Prize Given by Bloggers?

There’s the Man Booker Prize, the Orange Prize, the National Book Award, Independent Booksellers Book Prize, the Scotiabank Giller Prize (O Canada!), The New York Times Book Review (not a prize, but might as well be), the Pulitzer Prize, the never-ending Book of the Year nominations… etc., etc., etc. So why don’t book bloggers have their own Literary Prize? I’m not talking about an award … Continue reading Why Isn’t There a Literary Prize Given by Bloggers?