Big Changes

Dear Readers, In 2009 I thought BookSexy Review would be a great name for a blog. Before the year was out I decided I hated it.  But couldn’t think of anything better. It was a bad choice for any number of reasons: It sounds like a blog that reviews romance novels which, as you know, I do not. It provides no useful information about the site. Like what … Continue reading Big Changes

Summer Slacking

It’s been a sloooooooowww week.  On the up-side, I’ve gotten a ton of reading done.  (Literally a ton. Honest. Would I lie to you?)  This week is obviously going to be a wipe, but it’s Summer so most of you should be outside doing fun stuff anyway. So what to expect next week (and the weeks that follow?)… Look for my reviews of – Filipino … Continue reading Summer Slacking

Rana Dasgupta Revisited – Another Opinion

A few weeks ago I put up my 100 Pages post on Rana Dasgupta’s Tokyo, Cancelled. While I didn’t like the book, I couldn’t completely bring myself to dismiss the author (which explains my posting an incomplete review). So, in the spirit of fairness, here’s a link to an insightful review of Dasgupta’s recent novel Solo at the blog Asylum.  Enjoy your weekend! Continue reading Rana Dasgupta Revisited – Another Opinion

The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman

I’ve been a fan of The Sartorialist blog for a long time.  So when a companion book was published collecting  some of the great photography from the site, I rushed out to buy it – literally was at the bookshop looking for it the day it was released.  Why am I a fan?  Because you won’t find a lot of super models in Scott Schuman’s … Continue reading The Sartorialist by Scott Schuman

Duck… Duck… Duck… BOOKDUCK!

If you saw my post yesterday you’ve already gone to look at Bookduck.  If not, what are you waiting for?!  Click here.   I had the opportunity to ask Sarah, the blogger behind Bookduck,  some questions.  I hope you enjoy our interview as much as I did. I love the story about how your blog, Bookduck, got its name.  Can you tell it again for readers … Continue reading Duck… Duck… Duck… BOOKDUCK!