Big Changes

Dear Readers,

In 2009 I thought BookSexy Review would be a great name for a blog. Before the year was out I decided I hated it.  But couldn’t think of anything better.

It was a bad choice for any number of reasons:

  1. It sounds like a blog that reviews romance novels which, as you know, I do not.
  2. It provides no useful information about the site. Like what kinds of books are featured here.
  3. And it’s terribly cheesy.

But, for strictly practical reasons, BookSexy Review’s biggest failure as a name is that most employers put blocks on sites with words like “sexy”. Which means potential readers can’t browse during their breaks, or at the end of the workday before heading home. Even publishers have problems viewing the site – this issue was first mentioned to me by a Harper Collins publicist years ago. At the time I was too new to blogging to understand the import of what she was trying to tell me.

Skip forward 8 years (god i am old). My goals and interests have changed… as happens.  The site has evolved from a general book review blog to one devoted to books in translations. I’ve begun thinking about how and why I write these reviews.  And along the way I’ve become obsessed with journalism – both the “establishment” book reviewers and the current generation of online bloggers/journalists who supposedly threaten them.  Though, for the record, I remain fairly neutral on the subject of which is better.  Six months ago I decided it was time to rethink how and why I talk about books (a post for another day) and began contributing to other review outlets as part of my quest to become a better writer and reviewer.

Which leaves less content for here.  I realized that if I was going to continue the blog it would have to change.  Over the next month you’ll begin seeing some of these changes, the first being the name. I’ll keep the BookSexy Review url active for another year, but when you type in that name it will (if I don’t screw things up) redirect to a new url.  All of my old content, going back to the ugly beginnings, will become part of the new site. I was pleasantly surprised how easy WordPress makes this.  I’m going to try to do everything gradually, feeling my way as I go, so what you’ll experience will be more of an evolution into the new blog versus an abrupt shift.

The reason I’ve continued this blog for all these years is because of the incredible books in translation community of readers and bloggers who I’ve connected with (I hope you know who you are) from all over the world. Thank you so much for your generosity and passion and support. Thank you for sharing your opinions and reviews and for seeing something here that you thought was worth coming back for. I hope you’ll continue to stick with me through the upcoming changes.

And as for that new name (remember I mentioned my current obsession with journalists?):  a stringer is a freelance journalist who contributes regularly to the same news outlets, but on a piece-by-piece basis. They’re also sometimes referred to as reporters at large. While I may not be a professional reporter, I definitely consider myself a professional reader. Which seems like a good place to start over.


6 thoughts on “Big Changes

  1. Best wishes for your plans to revamp your blog. I know how writing reviews and other material off-site reduces the time, energy and material left for your blog. I, for one, would be interested in reading some of your other writing if you can link it back to your site. I added a page for off-site writings, such as they are, to my own blog and with my regular gig at Numéro Cinq I post a few comments and a couple of paragraphs with a link back to the review. It becomes part of the conversation around a book and, of course, helps redirect traffic back to a site I am proud to be part of. I also like the idea of my blog itself shifting to contain more conversation about reading and writing along with reviews.

    I am very new to blogging but I do like to reserve time and space to read and write about books that are not new. I’ve lately run off a string of external reviews, some of which have yet to be published, and I don’t want to read another ARC or review copy for at least a few weeks! I look forward to see what will transpire here as Reader@Large takes shape.


    1. Thanks roughghosts. I did add a page to the blog called “clippings” which features links to most of my off-site stuff (like you, such as they are 😉). I’m not sure how that’s going to work, but we’ll see. I probably should post about them in the main blog.


    2. And I agree completely about wanting to write about older books. I really like to bundle 2-3 books in a single or multiple linked posts. I feel like it makes for more of a conversation, because when friends and I discuss books it’s seldom just about one isolated title.

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