The Review: Quick Link Round-Up

I hope to have a review posted for Sergio Chejfec’s The Planets within the next day or so.  In the meantime, here’s a round-up of the items that caught my eye last week.

4 thoughts on “The Review: Quick Link Round-Up

    1. It’s kind of crazy though. 25 books a year. Don’t get me wrong – I’m very excited about it… but that’s a hella’ lot of Russian, Comrade.


  1. I am not a Russian lit lover myself, as is evidenced by my complete lack of excitement for the new Anna Karenina film.

    Thank you thank you for the link to The Great Gatsby post! The Asher post is fantastic.


    1. I didn’t know there was a new Anna Karenina film… of course, I’ve never read the book. The post on Three Percent actually addresses how whenever English thinks of Russian lit they immediately go to the classics. He argues that those are a part of Russian literature, but not contemporary Russian literature.


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