Nada by Carmen Laforet (translated by Edith Grossman)

Nada is a strange novel. I’m not completely sure what to make of it. Spanish literature can often have a labyrinthine quality to it, which isn’t surprising when you remember that Spain gave us Gaudi, Dali & Picasso. It’s a theme picked up by contemporary Spanish authors like Zafon; in films like Pan’s Labyrinth; and in Nada, Carmen Laforet’s award winning 1944 novel – translated … Continue reading Nada by Carmen Laforet (translated by Edith Grossman)

Book Blogger Holiday Swap

My Secret Santa package arrived earlier this week… and Sharen from the blog Bookend Crossing did a wonderful job!  I named Carlos Ruiz Zafón as one of my favorite authors on the sign-up sheet and with that information she accurately predicted that I would love to read Nada, a novel by Carmen Laforet (translated from the original Spanish by Edith Grossman and with an introduction … Continue reading Book Blogger Holiday Swap