Book Blogger Holiday Swap

My Secret Santa package arrived earlier this week… and Sharen from the blog Bookend Crossing did a wonderful job!  I named Carlos Ruiz Zafón as one of my favorite authors on the sign-up sheet and with that information she accurately predicted that I would love to read Nada, a novel by Carmen Laforet (translated from the original Spanish by Edith Grossman and with an introduction by Mario Vargas Llosa).  Like Zafón’s Shadow of the Wind and The Angel’s Game – as well as the Guillermo del Toro film Pan’s LabyrinthNada promises to be a dark and gothic novel set in Franco’s Spain.   So far (I just finished the first chapter) it has totally delivered on that promise.   Thursday evening I’ll be sitting on a flight, on my way to visit to relatives for the holidays – 3 guesses what I’ll be reading?

BookSexy Review will be on a short hiatus between now and the New Year… so I’d like to wish my readers a Wonderful, Book-Filled, Holiday Season!  May 2011 find us all healthy, wealthy and well-read!

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