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Dear Readers,

This past weekend was my niece’s first birthday.  And I’m not above using that as an excuse for missing Friday’s installment of The Rise of the Short Story.  But never fear, it’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming this coming Friday with a post from Jenn the Picky Girl.

Today my review of 18% Gray by Zachary Karabashliev, translated by Angela Rodel and published by Open Letter will be live at the webjournal Necessary Fiction.  Edited by the author Steve Himmer, Michelle Bailat-Jones (book reviews) & Amber Lee (interviews), Necessary Fiction delivers “a fresh story each Wednesday. We also host a monthly Writer In Residence, offer book reviews, and have serialized a novel (which is now available as an ebook).”  It’s a wonderful resource for discovering new books and authors.

Now, back to reading.  I’m just finishing up the audiobook of Nancy Mitford’s The Sun King and just beginning a disturbing French novella the Necrophiliac by Gabrielle Wittkop, translated by Don Bapst.

What’s everyone else reading?  Are you fixating on a particular author or country?  Have you discovered a new title you’re all about?

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One thought on “Updates from a BookSexy World

  1. Look at you! Congrats on the review. Awesome news.

    As for me, my reading is all over the place right now. I’ve been giving self pub authors a chance and regretting it (one book had 15 errors in the first 80 pages – and I’m only counting the obvious stuff). BUT I know there are good self pub books out there, so I’m moving forward.

    Have a great week!


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