CAUTION – Blogger At Work

While Spring is the period the rest of the world spends cleaning up their lives, Fall appears to be the preferred season for bloggers.  Who am I to buck the trend?

BookSexy began without a plan for the future.  I wanted a space where I could post book reviews – period.  Now, with the focus of the blog being  International literature & translations, I realize that the visuals (and maybe the format) no longer work.  It’s time to re-think.  So don’t get nervous if you pop in and things look a little unfamiliar.  I’m still here, and so are the books.  But some changes you see at BookSexy Review over the next few months may include –

  • New Header, New Format
  • Tweaking to the tagline
  • Separate tabs for the ‘Review Policy’ and ‘About’ pages in the navigation bar
  • A Mission Statement (I always wanted to write a Mission Statement… I might even call it a Manifesto)
  • Adding ‘language’ categories
  • I might be making some changes to the Comments sections
  • Begin new features that will be posted on a regular schedule
  • Updating GoodReads reviews so they are current with the blog

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