I’m not particularly fond of this trailer – but I loved the first episode of the new BBC take on Sherlock Holmes (rooted firmly in the 21st century).  Episode 2 – The Blind Banker plays this Sunday, October 31st,  on PBS’ Masterpiece Mystery and Episode 3 – The Great Game is on the following Sunday.  (A Study in Pink, which they showed last weekend, can still be viewed online).

There are many, many reasons why I prefer Sherlock to the Robert Downey, Jr. film.  Mostly because it retains the cerebral quality of the original Doyle stories.  But I’m interested in what everyone else thinks.  Did you watch? and if so what do you think of the modern makeover that’s been done on the great detective? Do you feel Sherlock fills a gap, or have American shows like Psych and House already been there, done that and done it better?

And if you still haven’t gotten your Holmes-ian fix (and have already read the originals), here are some book recommendations:

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4 thoughts on “Sherlock!

  1. I enjoyed this first episode, too. I needed a few minutes to get used to the fact that it is set in modern times, but when Holmes began breaking down Watson and his cell phone in the car, I was able to sit back and just enjoy the process.


  2. Tonight is the second episode – I’m really looking forward to it. The fact it is set in modern times wasn’t that hard for me to wrap my head around. My problem, I’m a little embarrassed to admit, was that at times I had difficulty understanding their accents. Which is odd, since I’ve never had difficulty with British accents before. I’ve been meaning to look up where the actors are from!


    1. Pete – First, my apologies for replying to your comment so late. The third and final episode was on over the weekend and I’m going through a bit of withdrawal… the Moriarty character was genius! And I love all the diet jokes about Mycroft.

      Did you know that you can follow tweets between Sherlock & Watson over twitter? @WatsonJW, @SherlockSH and @NotAHousekeeper…. I wonder if Moriarty has one? Sadly, it looks like it will be months before we get a new episode.


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