Going Down to the Crossroads to Sell My Soul to David Foster Wallace

June 21st to September 22nd, 2010. Maybe some of you know the significance of those dates. If not,  I won’t keep you in suspense.  Yes, yes, I’m taking part in Infinite Summer 2010.  Perhaps I should sound more enthusiastic, but the reality is I’ve never been a Wallace fan.  But you can avoid the white elephant in the middle of the room only so long – and much like Moby Dick Infinite Jest has an indisputable spot in the American canon, making it required reading.  All 1104 pages of it.

So here is the website, and I assume you can find the Facebook page on your own.   Of course, you don’t have to join in.  No pressure.  You can always just check in periodically for updates on my progress…. and occasionally point & laugh.

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