It’s Wednesday! What Am I Reading?

O.K. I’m a day late posting Monday’s meme, for which I apologize… but doesn’t the saying go: better late than never?

With three books in the queue to post reviews for this week, I’m behind in more ways than one. My review of The Cheese Chronicles by Liz Thorpe will be up by tomorrow morning (yes, I know you’ve heard that before).   I enjoyed it very much.  I promise the review will be worth the wait.

Next is The Italian Secretary by Caleb Carr, a Sherlock Holmes mystery that I downloaded to my ipod last week. I’ve noticed the reviews on Amazon and Audibles gave this a bad rap, which in my opinion is completely unearned (and I’ll be happy to tell you why in a couple of days!)

Last is The Sartorialist which, if you haven’t heard about this book yet, you really need to check out the blog before reading the review. Here is a link.

And what AM I reading this week? It’s time to get back to Byatt. I’ve been slowly working my way through The Children’s Book – not because of lack of enjoyment. Just lack of time. Byatt is one of those authors I feel merits, really demands, her readers full attention for uninterrupted blocks of time.

(By the by – I’m playing with the new WordPress/Blackberry beta for this post. It’s my first time, so be kind! I’ll spiff it up later today).

4 thoughts on “It’s Wednesday! What Am I Reading?

  1. Don’t worry about being late. And I totally understand about not enough time to read. Last week was that way for me!

    Okay, now about your post. This was done all on your Blackberry?


    1. Hi J. Kaye! I guess the answer is yes…and no. WordPress has a beta Blackberry App up that anyone can download. I’ve only had it on my phone a few days, so we’re still working through the learning curve.

      The title and body of the post was written, spell checked, and edited on my Blackberry Curve. I then sent it into my WordPress dashboard as a draft post. The reason I sent it as a draft is because I haven’t figured out how (or if) I can add links into the post on my Blackberry. I’m sure there’s much more I can do with it (like answer your comments from my Blackberry – another thing I’m still working on), but it’s still very new to me.

      Overall, I like the app and once I’m more familiar with it expect to use it more. It’s taking some experimentation to learn, though. Did you have any specific questions?


    1. I’ll be heading to the Brooklyn Book Festival later this month… my goal is to have a handle on this so that I can post updates throughout the day. I haven’t advanced to Twitter yet, mainly because I don’t see the point. I have yet to see an application for it that makes me want to open an account.


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