The Land of Decoration by Grace McCleen

There seems to be a surplus of juvenile narrators these days.  They, and their problems, are ubiquitous.  I’m beginning to think if you’ve read the story of one adolescent with a troubled home life, you’ve read them all.  And the 10-year old heroine of The Land of Decoration is no exception.  A strange mixture of wide-eyed credulity and religious fanaticism – Judith’s upbringing has been … Continue reading The Land of Decoration by Grace McCleen

Rule, Britannia!

The Diamond Jubilee celebrations for Queen Elizabeth II were officially inaugurated in the UK last month.   It’s the centennial of Charles Dickens birth.  Plus, the 2012 Orange Prize Longlist will be announced on Thursday. I’m feeling a bout of Anglophilia coming on! And it just so happens that three books – all with connections back to the Isle of Albion – are coming out this … Continue reading Rule, Britannia!