Coming Soon – The Rise of the Short Story

TheRISEoftheShortStoryDostoevsky.  F. Scott Fitzgerald.  Italo Calvino. Borges. Joyce.  Salinger. Pynchon. Oates.  What do all these authors have in common?  Every one of them is a phenomenal short story writer.  There was a time during the early 20th century when young authors built their reputations on the pages of  periodicals like Harper’s, The Saturday Evening Post, and The New Yorker.  And then things got a little quiet.

The last few years, though, has seen a resurgence of interest in this oft under-appreciated literary form.

Beginning this Friday and running for the entire month of February, BookSexy Review will feature The Rise of the Short Story – a series dedicated to discussing and exploring this short story renaissance.

To that end I’ve invited some of my favorite bloggers and podcasters to tell us why they love (or hate) short stories, why they think they’ve come back into vogue, and to leave us with some recommendations (of course!).

See you on Friday!

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Fan Girl Alert! Fan Girl Alert! More October Daye!

Late Eclipses, the latest installment inthe October Daye series by Seanan McGuire comes out tomorrow.  And it looks like we’ll finally find out what the deal is with Toby’s mother Amandine.

I know.  I’m a complete fan girl.  I’m OK with embracing my inner geek.

(And if you’re a friend or family member reading this… don’t even think about calling me after work tomorrow!  My phone will be off until Wednesday morning).