The Politics of Reading

Sometimes Twitter seems designed to irritate. Courtesy of social media I find myself clicking on links to articles I’d never see, on sites I’d rarely visit, in the normal course of events. It seldom ends well. Usually I keep my opinions to myself but I found this one post particularly frustrating. Because reading a book is not a political act.  At its best it can be … Continue reading The Politics of Reading

Confessions of a Translation Snob

My browsing habits have changed.  I noticed it a few days ago in a Barnes & Noble Bookstore.  My husband was off in Sci-Fi/Fantasy and I was wandering through the fiction section, half-heartedly looking for a book I didn’t need.  My expectations were pretty low.  I started out looking for Mario Vargas Llosa.  Nothing. And then I spotted those three FSG fishes.  And a Europa … Continue reading Confessions of a Translation Snob


If you follow me on Twitter then you may know that I’ve started a little experiment.  Over the Summer, weather permitting, I’m taking my reading to my front steps.  I live in a pretty, old residential neighborhood.  Sidewalks, tree-lined streets, well kept front yards – in the Summer it’s not quite Norman Rockwell, but it’s pretty darn close.  With one exception.  Washington Street is a … Continue reading #stoopbks

Goodbye to 2012 and Hello! to 2013

To state the blatantly obvious:  December has been a slow month at BookSexy Review.  I’m not a huge fan of end of year lists, so have been embracing the downtime to recharge and re-examine.  2012 was the best of times and the worst of times… at least in my reading/blogging life.   Here are some of the highs and the lows: The BEST – The … Continue reading Goodbye to 2012 and Hello! to 2013