July 2012 is Spanish Language Lit Month!

Stu at Winstonsdad’s Blog has designated July 2012 “Spanish Language Lit Month”.  He’s created a schedule of activities that includes at least two read-a-longs and a foreign film watch-a-long/discussion – and for some reason I have this image in my mind of an outdoor street fair with food trucks and games and music blaring… which, O.K., isn’t exactly the case.  But it still feels like a celebration!

In the spirit of the general festivities I’ll be posting something every Monday – whether it be as part of the scheduled events or a review of a new Spanish translation.  And I encourage everyone to do the same.  I’m not one who normally follows challenges (though, after some calculations I found out that I’m kicking The Insatiable BookSluts’ Global Domination Challenge’s ass!), but Spanish Lit Month is going to be pretty fabulous and I’d hate to miss the party. So grab your favorite Spanish author and find out more here.

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Orbis Terrarum 2010 Reading Challenge

Dreadlock Girl, who blogs at  Dreadlock Girl Reads is hosting a Reading Challenge for 2010 that I am all about! Beginning April 1st and ending November 30th, the goal is to read 1 book a month from a country other than your own.  That comes to a minimum of 8 books.  Country is determined by author, not by setting.

So I did a little research and discovered the following:  10 of the books I read and reviewed in a 9 month period of 2009 were by non-American authors… without even trying!  Which leads me to the optional portion of this challenge –

The 2010 Orbis Terrarum Challengers Raising Funds for Clean Water Worldwide (optional!)

I am a big believer in not just reading about what is going on in the world, but about doing something about it. For this reason I am going to be reading away for Living Water International during the challenge and donating an amount per book. I also ask that you consider doing the same. If every one of us just gave $1 per book we read during the challenge, that is only 8 dollars, but if we all did it  that would be a good amount (last year we had 74 challengers, reading 8 books= $592 !)

I’ve chosen to contribute to another charity that is responding to the global water crisis.  I will donate an amount to Water for People for every book I read that meets the requirements of this challenge.  Anyone who knows me personally knows it’s unlikely they’ll ever have the opportunity to sponsor me in a marathon… or even a walk-a-thon.  So this may be as close as we’re ever gon’na get, folks!  If you want in on the action, leave a comment below.  Or, for those who would rather remain anonymous, email me at booksexyblog@gmail.com.

And if you’re interested in taking part in the challenge yourself, please visit The Orbis Terrarum Reading Challenge.