5 Reasons to Read ONE SALT SEA

  1. October Daye’s magic just keeps getting stronger with each book.  Remember waaaayyy back in Rosemary & Rue?  When she got her ass handed to her in every other chapter?  Well… that still happens.  But before, her changeling ex-boyfriend could beat her up.  Now it takes First Borns & an army of goblins with bazookas*.
  2. Two words: Under-water Fae.  Asrai, Hippocampus & Cetace, oh my!
  3. Here’s a pleasant surprise!  We are finally given some back story on The Luidaeg (pronounced ‘the lou-sha-k’), Toby’s super scary First auntie and my favorite character of the whole series!  Cranky, rude, pretty in a creepy-I-eat-roaches-kinda-way – whenever Toby calls (more of a project than you think)The Luidaeg picks up the phone and somehow bails her out.  Except now she’s calling in favors.  And when the Luidaeg asks for help, nothing good can follow.
  4. Let’s talk plot:  The young princes of the Undersea Duchy of Saltmist have been kidnapped.  Unless they’re found there will be war between land and water.  So once again Toby & friends are on a deadline to save the day.  McGuire brings back all the characters and overarching storylines that her fans love.  We learn a little more about Faerie; about fetches & the night-haunts;  Toby’s past shows up in an unexpected way & her love life continues to be complicated.  And did I mention Rayseline is back?  (That can’t be much of a spoiler if you read the other books).  McGuire hints at a resolution to her & Toby’s relationship which on its own is enough to have me impatient for a glimpse at Ashes of Honor (the next book of the series, due out next year).

And the #5 REASON to Read ONE SALT SEA is:

Because you trust me.  If you’re reading this post and have no idea what the hell I’m talking about: buy a copy of Rosemary and Rue.  If you like Urban fantasy, are sick of the paranormal or are looking for escapist fiction that doesn’t follow a formula… One Salt Sea is the book for you.  You just need to read four others first.

Publisher:  DAW Books, New York (2011)
ISBN:  978 0 7564 0683 7

*O.K., I made that up.  The bazookas, not the goblins. 

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