Book trailer for YOU comma Idiot looks pretty good period Who knew question mark

I’m not a fan of book trailers. That’s a gross understatement.   I hate book trailers.  I think the whole concept is kind of stupid.  I mean, why would watching a video convince me to read a book?  That’s like someone encouraging to ride my bike by driving me around the block in their brand new Nissan LEAF (I like it in blue ocean, in case you were wondering).  Or taking me to Bermuda because they want me to learn how to snowboard.

Anyway.  A few months ago I received an email asking me if I wanted an advance review copy of Douglas Harris’ YOU comma Idiot.  I said no… now I’m kinda’ regretting that decision.

O.K.  I’m COMPLETELY regretting that decision.

What do you think?

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4 thoughts on “Book trailer for YOU comma Idiot looks pretty good period Who knew question mark

  1. 1. the blurbs/faux blurbs are hysterical
    2. you now have to read it so you can tell me what it’s about before I commit to reading an entire book (hmmm, does that make me a complete comma idiot right off the bat)?
    3. I went straight to iTunes to buy the song so the trailer served some purpose, if not its intended one…


  2. Gotta say, I’m really delighted that you guys are picking up on this; good on you! Book trailers are a new phenomenon for me too, but hey – the media landscape is so wide open these days, who’s to say? As an independent musician, I’ve been making records for several years. I’m also a close friend of Doug Harris. Doug was listening to my music a lot while he was writing his novel. So much so that the music became something of a soundtrack (in his mind) to the novel. When it was completed, the idea of producing a trailer using my music was a perfectly natural one. The link between the music and the book further extended; the publisher (Gooselane) licensed a half dozen of my tunes (which I selected with Doug), and packaged them on CD as ‘the soundtrack’ to the novel, which they’re sending with review copies of the book – so you would have received this too, had you agreed to review it! Wynona, THANKS for going the next step and grabbing the tune on iTunes – it’s much appreciated. You can hear all my stuff at:

    Infamously yours,


    1. OK – that’s just wrong. Coming to my blog and torturing me with missed opportunities! 🙂 Actually, I just found out the U.S. rights for the book have not been snapped up yet… so I optimistically am looking to the future.

      Great song, Trevor! and thanks so much for stopping by and leaving the link for those who are looking for more.


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