It’s Thursday… time to get a little ahead of the game…

First, apologies.  Last week was a bit light on new posts.  This week should be closer to normal (as long as I can get my WordPress App for Blackberry to work).

In the meantime, I’ve become a bit obsessed with the new Huffington Post Books page. Has anyone else taken the time to look it over?  I haven’t quite figured out what is going on over there, other than a whole lot of marketing, people complaining about the publishing industry, etc.  Finding an actual review is a bit of a challenge.  In the end, I’m sorry to say it’s not providing me with anything I feel I NEED to know.  The layout and tone of the articles comes across more frenetic than informative.

But I like the Huffington Post and the ideas behind it.  There must be good content in there and downloading the iGoogle gadget to my homepage may make it easier to find.  It could be a matter of adapting to the media.  For now, I still prefer browsing the websites connected to the traditional review journals – The New York Times Sunday Book Review, The Times Literary Supplement, even Huffington’s own New York Review of Books.

So, here’s where I ask everyone else what they think.  If you haven’t visited the site yet, here’s a link straight to The Huffington Post Books Section.  Look around and come back and post a comment.  If you find an article you liked, link it.

I’ll be reading the sample of In Praise of Slowness that I downloaded onto my Kindle. It’s the inaugeral selection of Arianna Huffington’s new book club.

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