Something to look forward to…

Homer &L angley by E.L. Doctorow

Here’s a book I’m looking forward to reading.  Homer & Langley by E.L. Doctorow. A novel, it is a fictional account of the lives of the Collyer brothers – two NYC legends that Mark Helprin couldn’t have made up on his best day. Definately start clearing off the bedside table for this one!  Release date:   September 1st.

Note:  This will be my first Doctorow novel, who for no good reason I’ve always confused with Caleb Carr.  I think the same person must design both their book jackets.

4 thoughts on “Something to look forward to…

  1. Just picked it up and I’m looking forward. Loved Book of Daniel-perhaps my fav. book!-and billy bathgate. his short stories are also not to be missed, as they give you a glimpse into his brilliantly disrupted mind.


    1. jjaylad – Thanks for stopping by! I just finished Homer & Langley and am working on the review tonight. I’m happy to say that I very much enjoyed it. Doctorow more than lives up to the hype. He did some really clever structural things with this novel in addition to telling a great story. As you already seem to be a fan, do you recommend Book of Daniel as my follow up?


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