Where are you reading?

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The blog Weekly Geeks had a great post on Friday.  It included a link to create a map showing all the places you’ve “visited” with books.  Above is mine. I used a loose criteria – the book can be about,  set in, or the author from a country in order for it to make the cut.  Still, it was an eye opener!  First, it was really difficult just trying to remember which books I’d read and connect them to a country – for example, I’m almost positive Togo should be on my map but can’t imagine why.  Then there was the shock of realizing that Eastern Europe, Central & South America and a whole lot of Africa and Asia are missing.  Hmmm… perhaps that Nobel Prize judge was on to something.  It’d be interesting to see what the maps of readers from other continents/countries look like.  Do we all tend to stick close to home or with our native language?  Or is the availability of good translations the culprit?

In the meantime, BookSexy is diversifying!  Country of origin/setting will be listed in Categories (since I had no idea what to do with them anyway) of future posts.  Eventually I’ll also be updating the archives.

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