Eating Air by Pauline Melville

There’s something intriguingly slapdash about Pauline Melville’s new novel, Eating Air.  It begins with the narrator briefly introducing himself ,  – and then the curtains raise and for 407 pages we’re jumping from character to character, scene to scene, at a pace that is exhilarating (if slightly dizzying).   Melville has created the literary equivalent of a Cirque de Soleil performance given by middle-aged political radicals … Continue reading Eating Air by Pauline Melville

It’s Monday? What Am I Reading?

Another Monday is upon us…  *yawn*. Fortunately, this week should be a bit more exciting than most:  October is the month of book awards! October 6th – 2009 Man Booker Prize Winner Announced October 8th – Nobel Prize for Literature Announced October 13th – 20 Finalists for the National Book Award are Announced (come on guys – you couldn’t come up with something snappier???) Also, … Continue reading It’s Monday? What Am I Reading?