While I get caught up on my reading and reviews, I thought it a good time to address some Housekeeping Items.

The first, and most important change you may have already noticed: most of my reviews since BEA have dealt with international lit & translations. Over the next 6 months you’ll see this trend continue – and hopefully increase.  My goal is for 75% of the books I review to be translations, international literature or books that deal with international subject matter.

My reasons?  I just don’t think the world needs another review of Jonathan Safran Foer’s latest novel (at least not from me).  Or a re-cap of what’s already on the Best Seller lists.  I’m not saying that there’s anything wrong with either. (Personally, some of my favorite blogs are doing this and doing it extremely well).   But it’s always been my intention to introduce readers to new books – ones they might not know about otherwise. International literature, subject matter dealing with other countries & translations seems to provide the best opportunity for that.

Less drastic, organization changes I’ve made to BookSexy Review

  • The ISBN code at the bottom of each review now has a link to a website (usually the publisher’s) where you can buy a copy/version of the book.  I receive absolutely no money from this – it’s there strictly for reader’s convenience and because publishers requested it.
  • There is a new page/tab added to the site.  Languages is specifically for translations.  It lists translated books that I’ve reviewed by the original language (when that language is not English) they were written in.  All books, including those originally written in English, are still listed alphabetically on the Read It page/tab.
  • I’ve made some changes to my sidebar: a widget that lists current Tweets and some updates to my Blogroll.  Also, I’m using a new template that only shows the sidebar on the homepage (please let me know if this bothers anyone).
  • I’ve also become much more active on Twitter & on GoodReads.  There are buttons for both in the sidebar, so please feel free to follow or friend me (if you haven’t already).  My presence on LibraryThing is almost non-existent, and I’m thinking of doing away with that account altogether.  If anyone has thoughts on LibraryThing – and it’s usefulness or benefits vs. GoodReads, I’d love to hear them.

That’s about it.  We will now return to our regularly scheduled programming….