Why Isn’t There a Literary Prize Given by Bloggers?

There’s the Man Booker Prize, the Orange Prize, the National Book Award, Independent Booksellers Book Prize, the Scotiabank Giller Prize (O Canada!), The New York Times Book Review (not a prize, but might as well be), the Pulitzer Prize, the never-ending Book of the Year nominations… etc., etc., etc.

So why don’t book bloggers have their own Literary Prize?

I’m not talking about an award for the best blog – but an award for the Best Book of 2010? It’s a win-win situation, when you think about it. Publishers would love it, authors would love it, and it would give the bloggers something else to talk (and argue) about. No money would be attached to it, just the fame (or notoriety) that comes with being the Blogger’s Choice of Best Book of 2010 (and no that is not my first choice for a name).

In fact, the more I think about it the more I like it. The question is, what does everyone else thing?

And yes, you can pick more than one answer (sigh).

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