Tara Cheesman-Olmsted is a freelance book critic, National Book Critics Circle member & 2018 Best Translated Book Award fiction judge.  Her reviews can be found at The Rumpus, Book Riot, Los Angeles Review of Books, and Quarterly Conversation. Since 2009 she’s written the blog Reader At Large (formerly BookSexy Review).

Dear Readers,

In 2009 I thought BookSexy Review would be a great name for a blog. Before the year was out I decided I hated it.  It was a bad choice for any number of reasons.  The primary one being that most employers put blocks on sites with words like “sexy”, which means potential readers can’t browse at work. Even publishers have had problems viewing the site – this issue was first mentioned to me by a Harper Collins publicist years ago. At the time I was too new to blogging to understand the import of what she was trying to tell me.

Skip forward 8 years. My goals and interests have changed.  The site evolved from a general book review blog to one devoted to books in translations. I decided it was time to rethink how and why I write about books.  With that in mind I began contributing to other review outlets as part of my quest to become a better writer and reviewer.

I realized that if I was going to continue the blog it would have to change, beginning with the name.  The BookSexy Review url will remain active for another year, but when you type in that name it (you’ve probably noticed by now) redirects to ReaderatLarge.com  All of the content from the old blog is still available on the new site. My goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible.

The reason this blog continues is because of the generosity and friendship of an incredible international community of like-minded readers, bloggers and independent publishers. Thank you all for your support and passion… but mostly thank you for reading.

Review Policy

Reader@Large is a general book review blog with a focus on fiction, literary fiction & non-fiction.  I currently only accept books by international authors and translations, mostly small press, for review.  I am always happy to receive requests from publicists and authors.  Please send them to tara.cheesman@gmail.com .  

Acceptance of a review or advance copy does not guarantee a review (favorable or otherwise).

All reviews will be fair and all opinions expressed will be my own unless otherwise noted.  Please note: I also contribute freelance reviews to other sites and reserve the right to submit my review of any book, including review copies sent to Reader@Large, to another outlet/site of my choosing.  This is entirely at my discretion. When this happens the publisher will be notified as to where and when the review can be viewed. 

You can also find me on GoodReads (Tara Cheesman-Olmsted) & Twitter (@BookSexyReview).

10 thoughts on “About

  1. “I will only read books that I find interesting” – for there are many books and fewer years. Just started here, 21 April 2012, but I have been in the same direction lately. Good work!


  2. Tara, hi! By way of introduction, I am an independent book publicist and working diligently on a few books of translations, one novel THE HAPPINESS BUREAU (German); two poetry books, THE BOOK OF REVELATION (Classical Greek); GRAPES AND THE WIND (Spanish) which is a Neruda volume supposedly never translated into English before. Hope. you might be interested in receiving one or all of the above mentioned.
    Thanks. Mary


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